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One of the most fascinating characters created by Emilio Salgari introduces himself as “… Tremal-Naik, the snake hunter of the black jungle.” With his strong limbs, his high, ash-streaked forehead and the burnished skin of his people, Tremal-Naik is a king without a kingdom, raised in the jungle, unaware of his noble origins.

Together with his tiger Darma, he fights alongside Sandokan in the battle of good vs. evil. He carries the magic and the refined knowledge of the black jungle’s mysteries etched into his skin. Only Tremal-Naik can show you where to find the most beautifully colored parrot feathers or a hidden chameleon.

Or where the monkeys run off to, jumping from liana to liana. Only he can lead you to the purest springs to drink or to the safest and most peaceful glade to rest in after a long hike. He is able to make you a roof of leaves to lie down under after a long day. He will protect you from the unknown perils hiding in the darkness and from the impish pranks of the macaques and he will fight for your survival in a battle with a black panther. Trust his heart and open yours to the marvels hidden in the depths of the jungle.

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