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The inspirational muse for Roberto Coin’s Christmas capsule collection is a new princess: a woman whose elegance is untouched by the frenzy of the times, who follows her own rules as she moves throughout her day. Unconventional and full of magic, she’s constantly in pursuit of the most authentic essence of all that surrounds her.

The iconic Princess Flower collection melds together luxury and the ancestral simplicity of the flower. In every piece, a twisted gold wire surrounds the famous four-petal flower, the decorative element that is characteristic of Venetian palaces and is also one of the best-loved celebrities of Roberto Coin’s creations.  Gracefulness, resilience and beauty are the three ingredients of this collection that have been chosen to develop this year’s Christmas capsule.

For Christmas, the petals of each piece are covered in mother-of-pearl whose natural look makes it seem as though the petals are blanketed by a light dusting of snow.  Diamonds decorate the contour creating a game of twinkles and nuances, reminiscent of the festival of lights that announces the most wondrous moment of the year. Let the Christmas season begin!


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