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Oro Classic

Gold is both sacred and profane. We see it in Klimt’s paintings, in byzantine mosaics, in the Romanesque churches where it symbolizes the divine and in the adornments of the most precious costumes in the history of cinema. And then, there’s its color, reminiscent of the hot Sicilian sun. Now, we love to wear it during the day as much as at night because of the energy it infuses. It’s the essence of pure, timeless luxury.

In Roberto Coin’s universe, Oro Classic is the collection that embodies the role gold plays in the world of fine jewelry and in the female imagination. Design is the director in the collection because the shape of the pieces is like a movie plot that begins slowly then expands until it explodes and finally comes full circle and completes its story.

There are no other players or hidden details that interfere in the design and no colored gemstones that hinder the total power of gold in the collection. Every jewel is simply the brilliant, glorious result of the seductive voluptuous curves that leave an indelible trail, both scandalous and sublime.