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The desert


All too often we use the word desert to express the absence of something. And yet, the desert is full of small, earthly paradises. It is there, among the golden grains of sand, that extraordinary animals with their iridescent scales roam.

One of these chimerical creatures has lived in man’s imagination for thousands of years as the prince of amulets in ancient Egypt – the scarab, symbol of the creator Khephera in the era of the pyramids. This ancient population held the scarab to be a symbol of life and transformation that accompanied man in his resurrection. It was placed at the entrance of the temples to protect that which was conserved within.
It adorned many ornaments but its most important role as a talisman was that of heart scarab. Tucked into the bandages and wrappings close to the mummy’s heart, it accompanied the deceased on the difficult trip to the afterlife. The jewels decorated with scarabs were the most precious and significant throughout the era of the pharaohs and were forever tied to what has become a lost world dedicated to immortality.

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