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I followed my dream and found myself
living an unforgettable adventure


“From the first steps that I took in this amazing field, I’ve always wanted Roberto Coin to be an eccentric entity, born in an unusual way and definitely unlike anyone else in both personality and objective. As a matter of fact, it was already clear to me in 1996 that this brand would represent diversity, and I knew that it was exactly this diversity that would become the fundamental characteristic of its identity.

It has never been my goal to be recognized through the use of my designs with similar, thematic characteristics that make them recognizable at first glance; that would have been too easy.

Through the tireless production of new designs, our mission is to create something that inspires, that surprises and that most of all… is never boring. The Roberto Coin brand wants to make the diverse essential. Many others prefer to propose the same jewel to different women; I rather propose a different one to each.

I do want to give every woman the opportunity and freedom to choose to be herself, to be unique.Even the idea of the ruby has dual significance – the signature and romantic symbol is also a means to identify the jewel as belonging to the brand.The ruby is the anchor that visibly ties all of my jewels to the same origin and that also guarantees maximum aesthetic freedom.

Brands tend to be iconic only when they are defined by a few recognizable designs. In my opinion, this means limiting creativity, which is the expression of freedom par excellence. Not being recognizable at first glance has given me the liberty to create, and to be,something innovative and unique. Even today, after 20 years, I can confirm that my vision is the same as when I began, a vision that guarantees a more dynamic and curious future and,above all, a future capable of surprising again and again.”
Roberto Coin