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Behind the Ruby


Published on September 28, 2015

In honor of our website’s relaunch and our signature enigmatic stone, we felt it couldn’t be a more appropriate time to celebrate Roberto Coin’s signature ruby. Since its inception, the hidden ruby has been a beloved mystery and story behind the Roberto Coin brand.

The ruby has always been enveloped in a legendary aura, and due to its exceptional quality of maintaining beauty throughout time it is considered eternal, like true love. According to an ancient belief, wearing a ruby close to the skin promoted long life, health and happiness and even today it is believed to possess these magic powers including the extraordinary ability of giving peace.

In 1996, Roberto Coin started signing his jewels by setting a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece, allowing the distinguished gem to kiss the skin. Since then, this tradition has become the exclusive signature of every jewel by Roberto Coin, dedicated as a secret gift of good wishes to every woman lucky enough to wear one of his exclusive creations.

With the relaunch of our brand new site, we ask you to join in celebrating this crimson gem. When discovering a new piece from the collection, ‘finding the ruby’ is usually the first task at hand. Using Instagram, we invite you to photograph your own favorite Roberto Coin piece, showcasing the signature ruby. Please include the hashtag #hiddenruby and make sure to tag @Roberto_coin.

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