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Kentucky Derby Style You Can Bet On


Published on May 5, 2016

The fastest 2 minutes in sports is fast approaching.  The first Saturday in May, all eyes will be on Louisville, Kentucky, as the top three-year-old thoroughbreds from around the world compete to take home the roses, and hopefully, the first leg of a Triple Crown. ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ will be heard from afar, and hat shops will be bustling as everyone plans their outfit around the famous racing trend.

What one wears to the derby is almost as important, if not more, as on what horse to bet. Although the derby hat is the main attraction, the whole ensemble – from your jewels down to your shoes – will be on display. Dressing up for Derby is half the fun, along with drinking a mint julep and hopefully picking a winner. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned better, knowledgeable about the odds and pedigrees, a fair weather gambler or you pick the horse with the best name or prettiest colors. There are endless ways to select your top contender. There is no method that’s better than the next, and no one can really predict who will be crowned. So, being the adventurous souls that we are at Roberto Coin, we picked our favorites for this year’s Winner’s Circle, and of course what jewels we would pair with our Derby hats. Click through the slides below to see our picks.

THE FAVORITE - There is always one horse in the race getting all the buzz. This year the spotlight is on Nyquist, sire of Triple Crown contender I’ll Have Another, named after a Detroit Red Wings hockey player. He will even have the Stanley Cup in his stable for good luck. If you’re more of a practical person than a gambler, and your bet is always on the favorite, stick with a classic yellow gold piece. It’s always a sure bet! Retail $13,300.
THE LONGSHOT - A real gambler puts money on one of the many longshots in the race. The worse the odds, the higher the value. With 20 horses in the running and depending on the conditions of the track that day, odds of which horse first crosses the finish line can be unexpected, as seen in 2009 with Mind That Bird winning at 50-1 odds. Our favorite longshot in 2016 is Majesto, finishing just second behind Nyquist in the Florida Derby and a strong bet if it’s a wet day. Betting on a longshot takes confidence, so show your confidence with a statement piece like a gold and diamond collar neck. Retail $20,400.
MAYBE IT'S ALL IN THE NAME - With 20 horses in the field, sometimes it’s best to just pick a name that speaks to you. We love Exaggerator, because who doesn’t love a little exaggeration in life? Not to mention he’s speculated to be one of the top contenders this year, with top jockey Kent Desormeaux riding him. Add a little exaggeration to your Derby Day with Roberto Coin’s Tanaquilla collection – never a dull moment. Retail $15,500.
OR MAYBE THE COLOR - I have a friend who swears by betting the grey horse. It’s a good strategy to throw into your trifecta or superfecta. The track is usually dominated by deep chestnuts and dark brown horses, but this year there seem to be a lot of grey in the field. Take your pick from Creator, Destin, Lani, Cherry Wine or Mohaymen. Just a tip: Creator, Destin and Mohaymen are 3 on everyone’s watch list, and they could all give Nyquist, a run for his money. Roberto Coin’s Princess bangle in white gold is the perfect shade of grey (with a hint of sparkle), sure to bring you luck on derby day. Retail $5,900.

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