The Ruby


Published on March 25, 2020

In times like these, we find it helpful to find the good even in difficult situations. Positivity, love and enthusiasm are the values upon which Roberto Coin has built both his personal and professional life.  But they are also concepts that are intimately bound to the symbolism of the ruby, the stone of passion par excellence.  It was considered by ancient Egyptians to be a kind of amulet that in contact with the skin bestows prosperity, happiness and longevity.  These characteristics make the crimson stone a truly exclusive signature for Roberto Coin.  Since 1996, with the Appassionata Collection, the jeweler has loved setting a small ruby on the inside of each of his pieces, thus allowing direct contact with the skin and conferring the stone’s beneficial properties on the women who wear his creations.

It is with this notion that all of us at Roberto Coin feel that we will get through this stronger than before. It is the hidden ruby that signifies his pieces, and it is also the symbol that reminds us we are #separatebuttogether.

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