What’s In a Name


Published on September 23, 2016

By Christina Maxwell

We’ve all been there…You introduce yourself to someone new at a dinner party, business conference or PTA meeting and exchange names.  Five minutes into your conversation, the name has completely escaped your memory.  (Was it Claire?  Clara?  Caroline maybe?)

And we’ve also been there when someone who we met once briefly surprises us by remembering and calling us by name.  It’s a seemingly simple gesture.  But, it’s impressive, endearing and makes us feel seen and valued.  There’s a reason some of the most successful leaders make it a point to always call people by name.  Research shows that hearing your name spoken activates your brain differently than other words do.  Calling someone by name is a small way to make a lasting impression.

But in the moment, it’s often easier said than done.  The next time you meet someone new, try these tips:

-Be sure to make eye contact and really listen to the name

-Use his or her name, when appropriate, throughout your conversation

-Make a catchy association  (Like “Charlie from Charleston” or “Marie in marketing”.)

-Create a connection by picturing someone else you know with the same name

At Roberto Coin, we understand the significance of a name.  Each of our collections is named with careful thought and meaning.  Read on to discover the inspiration behind a few of our collections’ names.  We guarantee these are names worth remembering.





This bold collection is named for the wife of the VII century B.C. Roman Emperor Lucio Tarquinio Prisco.  Her hand helped shape the destiny of both her husband and the city of Rome by predicting their future, building up their fortune and making herself a historical icon of freedom.  In this collection, Roberto etches her story in gleaming gold and brown diamonds, honoring her regal femininity and strength.





The Symphony collection is created to be just that—a symphony.  Roberto orchestrated an array of modern and delicate pieces to choose from- bangles, rings and necklaces-for you to stack and layer into a beautiful harmony all your own.


Princess Flower



This whimsical and imaginative collection is a perfect fit for its fairytale namesake.  With a variety of floral patterns, sparkling diamonds and shiny and satin hand-finishes, each piece is as unique and feminine as the royal muse who inspired it.


New Barocco



The New Barocco collection draws inspiration from the elaborate nature and ornate detail of 17th and 18th century Baroque architecture.  The sophisticated pieces interweave intricate detailing with fluid design—creating unforgettable masterpieces.


Carnaby Street



The Carnaby Street collection derives its name from the lively street in Soho that became a world famous hot spot of “Swinging London” during the 1960s and 70s.  Featuring mod silhouettes and dynamic color, the collection is reminiscent of the era’s extravagant fashions and bold social movements.

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