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Go for the Gold


Published on August 3, 2016

By Christina Maxwell

It’s that time of year again!  Well, every four years, that is…

The 2016 Summer Olympics kick off this Friday in Rio for 19 days of competition in 42 different sports.  Here at Roberto Coin, we’re eager to join the rest of the world in watching who will bring home the gold.  And, of course, we’ll be watching in style with some gold of our own.

Don’t know the difference between the backstroke and the breaststroke?  Not to worry.  Along with some of our favorite Olympic-inspired pieces, we’re sharing some insider tips and terms from SB Nation’s Olympic Glossary so you can look and sound the part as you cheer on your favorite Olympians.


Straight as an arrow

To wear: Channel your inner Robin Hood as you watch the arrows fly with this delicate 18kt Arrow Necklace from our Tiny Treasures Collection.

To know: Upshot: The final shot in an archery contest.  Making its Olympic debut in Paris 1900, archery brings the fabled stories of Robin of Locksley and Legolas to real life.


Heavyweight champion

To Wear: Prove you aren’t a lightweight with this Wide Gold Bangle from our Golden Gate Collection.  If we lift a glass of wine while wearing it, does that count as a curl?

To Know: Third Pull: The most explosive movement in weightlifting.  Competitors begin by heaving the bar from floor to knee, and then from knee to hip. The third motion requires lifters to throw the bar into the air and pull themselves underneath it in one fell swoop.


Hit the target

To Wear: There’s no missing the bullseye with these gorgeous Drop Diamond Earrings from our Fantasia Collection.

To Know: Ten-ring: The center-most ring in a target; inner area worth 10.9 points in scoring in both precision and rifle shooting.


Take it to the hoop

To Wear: You’ll definitely score a nothing-but-net wearing these Round Hoop Earrings from The Perfect Gold Hoops Collection.

To Know: The men’s USA basketball team is looking to defend its gold metal status as they come in as a heavy favorite.


Triple threat

To Wear: Can’t swim, bike and run like a triathlon pro?  It’s ok.  We’ve got a trifecta of our own—this stunning Criss Cross Ring from our Classic Diamond Collection.

To Know: T1: Triathlon-speak for the transition from swim to bike.  T2 is the transition from bike to run.

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