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Inspired by Beauty


Published on December 2, 2019

As a designer and creative mind, there are countless ways through which Roberto Coin finds inspiration. The common thread among them all is beauty.

From a young age, Coin was introduced to the art of style and design. While assisting his mother at a storied Venetian atelier, he learned to appreciate the attention to detail that went into each garment. Although his studies took him into hospitality as an adult, he remained acutely aware of the beauty that surrounded him while manager of a prestigious hotel in the UK. The elegant guests from around the world who graced the property provided continuous inspiration that would soon be transformed into exquisite jewelry.

Upon his return to Vicenza, Italy, Coin met Peter Webster, with whom he started the Roberto Coin brand. Not only did both men share a passion for the business, but they also valued the way beauty played a part in its success.

Now, decades later, it is this same beauty – whether from the glimmer of a diamond or the travels that opened the doors to other cultures – that transcends Roberto Coin himself and the global brand that exists today.


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