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Jewelry Inspiration for Every Age


Published on September 28, 2015

There is a stigma that as woman age, they are supposed to dress less imaginative, less sexy and more invisible. Well here at Roberto Coin we think this idea is aged in itself! We should only gain confidence as we get older, and with confidence comes real beauty. Unlike most fashion trends ie..midriff baring crop tops and micro-minis, jewelry is a fashion staple that doesn’t discriminate. In fact, jewels are here to make us feel and look our best. They bring glamour, sex appeal and creativity to those bleak outfits. Read ahead for some glam inspiration at every age, and remember these aren’t rules! Be creative and be yourself when buying jewelry. It should do nothing less than help you feel and be the sexy, beautiful person you are – no matter the age!

Your 20’s are a time of exploration in every aspect. It’s the decade we grow into our own self as we explore the type of woman we want to become. Same goes for your “style self: it’s all about trials and tribulations. At this age anything goes. Mix and mismatch, add bright colors and lots of layers. The same goes for jewelry, layer on the necks, bracelets, rings. Mismatch your earrings and mix your metals. Find your “jewelry self” along the way! As your bank account may not even exist yet, costume jewelry is probably overtaking your box but try investing in one piece that you can live in, that will live with you.
The unsureness of your 20’s are behind you, and life is starting to come together. Maybe you are still renting and your love life isn’t exactly where you hoped it would be, but your personal style is pretty conclusive, and so is your confidence. You’ve finally earned a real paycheck – a lot more substantial than your 20’s – so this is the decade to invest in your first piece of jewelry to signify your ascent to the “real” adulthood. Go ahead and be proud. Reward yourself and brag a little with a stand out piece of jewelry – something you will have forever as a remembrance of your first big break!
Life is busy in your 40’s. Balancing family and a career along with being the confident, sexy and fabulous woman you are is quite the challenge. You are established and always on the go. By now, your wardrobe is probably built up and better put-together, smartly and sophisticatedly filled with all the grown up basics, including the perfect white shirt and made-for you denim. In the jewelry department, try incorporating and investing in a fun yet functional piece – something that won’t get in the way of your busy, yet perfectly curated routine.
Your 50’s should be all about exuberating confidence, showing off our sex appeal but doing so in more sophisticated way. Be proud that you made it, worked hard to get here – whether that’s at the top of your career or enjoying the successes of kids grown and moved on. You are still standing on your own two feet. Like every age, you want to feel luxurious and sexy, but maybe not have to put so much effort into it. Now is the time to splurge on that diamond piece you’ve always desired. Diamonds are timeless, classic yet chic, sexy and elegant – just like the woman you have become. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Your 60’s is a great time. It’s all about you again. Perhaps retiring or thinking about it, you are able to travel and do the things you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were growing a family and career. You deserve to be chic, you deserve to indulge. Be the most beautiful and confident you have ever been, show it off. Go ahead, glam your bad-self up. It’s not like in your 20’s, when risks were risks. Now they are statements, so go for it. Make a statement!


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