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New Year’s Resolutions…One Word at a Time

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Pop open a bottle of bubbly because it’s finally time to ring in a new year.  As we turn the page from December 31st to January 1st, we’re filled with champagne and confetti-fueled gusto as we sing “Auld Lang Syne” and vow to order less takeout, finally read those books piled up on our nightstand and actually use that gym membership.  But once late February rolls around, we realize (mid-bite of leftover Chinese takeout) that we’ve dropped the ball on pretty much every New Year’s Resolution we made.  Again.  And it’s tough!  With so many to-do lists already floating around our daily lives, it’s hard to handle the pressure of another one.

What if you took a different approach to 2017?  Instead of a checklist of dos and don’ts that may leave you feeling more like a failure than a shining success, what if you picked one word?  Rather than making a list of resolutions, pick a word to serve as an anchor and inspiration throughout the year.  It can be a reminder of one overarching quest (like “health” or “adventure”), or perhaps a character trait you want to exhibit more of (like “patience” or “courage”).  When the year pulls its unexpected punches, your word will give you a solid anchor to come back to for direction and a reminder of the focus you found on January 1st.  Need some ideas?  Keep reading for words we’re feeling inspired by and some stunning jewelry to remind you of your word (and ensure that you look fabulous) all year long.

By Christina Maxwell


Gumption: We love the spirit and specificity of this word.  What would happen if you added a splash of gumption, of spirited courage and initiative, to your life?  Maybe you could get up the audacity to write that book you’ve always toyed around with, take that solo trip to Europe or even just introduce yourself to that cute barista.  Gems don’t come much more spirited than these bold monkey earrings with black, brown and white diamonds.


Balance: Remember that a full, rich life is a balanced one.  Give yourself a break and end that long work week with a peaceful Saturday of pancakes and a stroll in the park, or balance out that healthy day of eating with a nice glass of red wine and some dark chocolate.  Want a well-rounded accessory to go with your newly balanced life?  Put on a pair of our signature perfect diamond hoops, expertly crafted to be continuously beautiful from the inside out.


Resilience: Every year comes with its unexpected joys.  Maybe you add a new grandchild to the family or buy your first home.  But life can throw some less welcome curveballs too, whether it’s battling an illness or struggling with a bump in your career.  Whatever you face, face it with resilience.  Wear this pendant necklace from our Carnaby Street Collection, showcasing a stunning mother-of-pearl center, as a reminder to find an outlook of strength and adaptability.  Mother-of-pearl forms inside of an oyster shell, creating a resilient barrier that’s both strong and iridescent.


Play: Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget what it means to play, to celebrate the spontaneity and joy of life.  Somewhere along the way, we lose a bit of the reckless abandonment we have as children.  (When was the last time you danced in the rain or let your mind wander as your soared on a swing set?)  Bring back some of the magic and give yourself permission to horse around every once in a while.  Sporting this fun rose gold bangle is a good way to start.

Happy New Year!