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Five Romantic Valentine’s Day Dates & How to Adorn Yourself

candelit dinner

It’s about that time of year when everyone is yearning for a mid-winter pick-me-up. So, for all you lovers and single ladies out there, why not do so in honor of St. Valentine? Whether you have plans with your significant other,or you are using it as an excuse to gather your best friends together for cocktails; it’s always a good idea to celebrate love. Click through our slideshow below for our 4 Perfect Valentine’s Day Dates.

For the Jet-setter Couple…

Jetsetter-Couple, cozy cabin in the wide open wilderness

If you can spare the time to get away with your S.O., what better way to heat up the romance then to retreat to a cozy cabin in the wide open wilderness?

princess rondel pendant diamonds

Although you’ll experience incredible stargazing, add some extra shimmer with a Diamond Symphony Necklace.

For a Night Out with the Galentines…

Galentines festivities

Some may argue that a date with your girlfriends trumps that with your significant other, so embrace the festivities and order yourself a Cosmopolitan.


Turn the heat up with a playful cocktail ring, like this one from the Carnaby Street Collection.

For the Private Couple…

Candelit dinner

If you’d rather lounge at home with your loved one instead of out in public in your dressiest attire, then take this opportunity to try a new dinner or cocktail recipe. Next, light some candles, and the ambience is set for romance.


This Pois Moi Diamond Chiodo cuff wraps around your wrist, just like your loved one’s cozy embrace.

For the Adventurous Couple…

French pastry class

Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone brings us closer together. If you and your partner enjoy partaking in new activities together, try a challenging mountain hike or a French pastry class (heavy on the chocolate!).


Keep your wrists and fingers free, since you may be getting physical – either on the mountain or in the kitchen! Adorn your ears with some Diamond “Huggy” earrings, which is fitting for the occasion!