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How To: Pack For Your Fall Getaway


Published on May 22, 2015

In the age of social media, it seems that our friends (past and present) are jet-setting off to exotic locations. Those lucky enough to steal away for some much-needed vacation time return home with bronzed skin or unique souvenirs from their adventures. Whether you’re planning a big city excursion or have a date with the sand and sun, you must pack your suitcases accordingly.

Taking on the role of travel agent and style guru, the team at Roberto Coin has taken the initiative to edit your packing list with some gorgeous visual inspiration to give you an idea of the baubles to bring with you. Don’t give one more thought to your luggage – slide on your sunglasses, sip your Mai Tai and get your passport ready. Bon Voyage!

Still considered by some as a local’s secret, this European-esque Hawaiian town is an eclectic mix of surf culture and emerging international cuisine. The only piece of jewelry to sport here should be Pois Moi with Mother of Pearl – both delicate and luminous.
The aquamarine waters of this Mediterranean isle is enough to keep your jaw dropped for days. A blue topaz Cocktail ring beckons this gem of a destination.
The vibrant culture of this South American city is ripe for exploration. Ipanema pendant is a must-have.
The jaw-dropping architecture and beautiful culture in Marrakesh beckon that of a palace. Barocco ring, too, have somewhat of a majestic style.
The relaxed and unexpected shape of Designer Gold earrings are exactly what you will find on the beaches of this Gulf Coast destination.
It’s no question that the lush, fertile landscape here is like a fairy tale. The Black Jade collection’s boastful color reminds us of this idyllic town.

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