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Memorial Day Getaways


Published on May 24, 2016

As Memorial Day vast approaches and the official kick-off of summer begins, on every New Yorker’s mind is where to go to get out of the city.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our city, but long weekends are meant for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle.  Memorial Day is all about welcoming summer and all the possibilities it has: beaches, barbecues, golfing and time spent with friends and family.

Here at Roberto Coin, our office is divided on what direction to head – South or East.  We are blessed to have beaches within driving distance, but sometimes it’s nice to get a cultural change.  While some vacations call for really getting away to Europe, Mexico, or the Caribbean, Memorial Day is all about honoring those who have fought for our country and celebrating the freedom we have because of them. So why not enjoy this time state-side? Flip through the slides for some of our great Americana getaways and, of course, how to look fabulous for the holiday.

East Bound: The Hamptons - Of course, the Hamptons is on our list, as Memorial Day is the official Hamptons opening weekend. The Hamptons are all about being seen, so you need to look your best. Montauk has become the hot spot, with party beach Ditch Plains, and bars such as Surf Lodge and Rushmeyers. (photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)
For jewels, we suggest long layered necklaces for a chic boho look, sure to get you in the hottest pool parties. (retail: $4,000)
East Bound: Ocean City, MD - This coastal town in Maryland is the perfect laid back family town to enjoy a leisurely weekend. Spend your days on the beach, and take in the sunset and a beach side happy hour at Coconuts in between jaunts. In coastal towns, it’s hard to not embrace the nautical style. (Photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)
If your weekend bag is packed full of stripes, navy, and white linen dresses, add a bold gold link necklace to really solidify the look. It will complement the sailor-style as you dress up, but in a laid-back and “easy breezy” kind of way. (Retail: $4,860)
East Bound: Cape Cod - The 65-mile peninsula is known as the Kennedy’s favorite vacation spot, perfect for a simple vacation of biking, boating, eating and beaching. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket also offer a rich and relaxed vibe with lots of charm. Make sure to hit up the Beachcomber for cool cocktails and live music alongside surfers and beach-goers. (Photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)
A gold bangle will be the perfect addition to your sun-dress and tennis shoes as you cycle around town (Retail: $4,700)
Down South: Nashville, TN - Nashville has always been known for great barbecue, country music and honkey tonks, but as of recently it’s gained even more popularity as a foodie town with a hipster flair. Dancing and live music are a must in this city of music, so check out trendy restaurants like Rolf and Daughters, Pharmacy, Two Ten Jack, and Adele’s. (photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)
If you are planning on spending your Memorial Day weekend in Nashville, the dress code is casual with a hip feel. A perfect hoop will go with everything country while keeping you modern cool. (Retail: $600)
Down South: Sea Island, GA - If your dream weekend is golfing all day every day, this is the perfect spot. Expect to find southern hospitality with beaches, tennis and plenty of golf. After all, Sea Island boasts 3 championship golf courses! This vacation spot gives Cape Cod a run for its money when it comes to a preppy and conservative, yet relaxed atmosphere. (photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)
A pair of diamond studs are the perfect accessory to keep you looking your best without getting in the way of your backhand! (Retail: $3,800)

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