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/ / Roberto Coin is opening his new boutique in Venice

Roberto Coin is opening his new boutique in Venice

Roberto Coin is opening his new boutique in Venice

Roberto Coin is opening his new boutique in Venice. It will remain in Saint Mark’s Square, in the heart of the city, but in a new location. In fact, the new boutique is at number 51, next to the historical Caffè Florian.

Roberto Coin once again entrusted the design and construction of the boutique to the Sclavi and Zordan Studio, the partners who built the company’s Dubai store where they launched a new concept that has been reinterpreted and personalized for the Venice boutique. In this new space, Roberto Coin has managed to recreate the atmosphere of a 1700s Venetian sitting room, warm and welcoming, almost familial, meant to be a space that “comes alive” with the jewels displayed there.

Each element is rounded, starting with the outer display windows. Soft upholstery and furnishings characterize the room. Each of the Damask tapestries from the historical Venetian textile company, Rubelli, that cover the room evokes the city and its symbols. The shiny marble floors recall the antique sitting rooms of the city’s palaces and the ruby red armchairs that dynamize the atmosphere represent the hidden signature ruby that has always characterized the brand.

The lighting has also been carefully studied to emphasize the atmosphere and to illuminate even the smallest detail in the design of the jewels. Two Venetian style chandeliers created by the glassmakers of the Vetrerie Colonna dominate the center of the room while a lateral lighting system illuminates the jewelry collections on display.

Every finishing touch in the boutique is a homage to beauty and tradition. While the star of the show in Dubai was dazzling gold and an almost insolent opulence, here, that same gold is tinged with dusty hues that elicit a Venetian imagery made up of iridescent powders, mysterious masks and stage costumes. To step into this space is like opening a treasure chest, precious and full of history.

The new boutique is home to all of the collections of Roberto Coin’s latest campaign together with one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces and the infallible Cento diamond. But the pieces aren’t displayed in traditional display cases; rather, they are arranged on rounded, padded supports – a soft triumph of capitonnè and matelassé quilted upholstering. It almost seems as if even the jewelry has decided to make itself comfortable in Roberto Coin’s Venetian sitting room. 

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