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Payment Methods



The payment methods accepted by Roberto Coin shall be credit cards and bank transfers. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Carta Si, and American Express. For payments by credit card, the transmission of financial data (as, by way of example, credit card number or expiration date) to the banks providing the relevant electronic payment processing services shall take place according to the highest security standards. The Customers' credit card data shall be unreadable to third parties and shall be used by Roberto Coin merely to complete the procedures relating to the purchase and to carry out any refunds in case of return of Products following the exercise of the right of withdrawal. Roberto Coin shall not ship any Products before having received the relevant payment. Shipping costs shall be borne by Roberto Coin. For payments by credit card, cardholders and holders of accounts with bank and building cooperatives may be subject to authentication and authorization. Should the credit card issuer or the service provider refuse to, or ‒ for any reason ‒ not authorise or validate the payment, Roberto Coin shall not be deemed liable for any delay or non-delivery of the Products ordered. In the event of payment via bank transfer the Order Confirmation shall indicate the details required to make the payment. Upon receipt of the Purchase Order the Products selected shall be put aside until the relevant payment has been made. The bank transfer shall be made within seven business days of receipt of the Order Confirmation by the Customer. Should the payment not be made within such term, Roberto Coin may cancel the relevant Purchase Order. In no event shall the Customer be charged with costs higher than the ones actually borne by Roberto Coin with respect to the payment method selected by the Customer