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The Products and related Prices listed on the Website are to be considered an offer to the general public in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions and on the Website. These General Terms and Conditions apply solely to purchases of the Products made on the Website. The purchase agreements executed on the Website with reference to the Products (hereinafter the “Purchase Agreements” or simply the “Agreements”) are entered into with Roberto Coin.

In order to make a purchase of the Products you must register with the Website. Registered Customers may place their Purchase Orders from the Website pages. Each registered Customer warrants that it is fully authorised to use the credit cards used and that such cards have sufficient funds to cover any and all costs related to the purchases of the Products made by means of the Website. 

Once the Products have been viewed, you may choose the one/s that interest/s you by clicking on the “Add to Shopping Bag” button. After selecting the Products, a Basket summary page will be displayed indicating the price of the Products selected (including any duties and taxes and additional packaging and shipping costs), the delivery methods, the payment methods, and Roberto Coin’s complaints handling procedure. Furthermore, you will be requested to carefully read through the General Conditions of Sale and to make sure to print a copy thereof through the print command and to save or reproduce a copy for your personal use.

By clicking on the "CONFIRM ORDER" button you will be able to buy the Product/s selected.

A Purchase Order is properly completed when the Website does not display any Error message (the system cannot detect errors referring to the information provided by the Customer in the shipping address box).

The Purchase Agreement shall be deemed entered into by and between Roberto Coin and the Customer upon receipt of the Purchase Order by Roberto Coin. In any case, Roberto Coin shall retain ownership of the Products and shall not deliver them to the Customer until payment is received in full.

When a Purchase Order has been properly placed, Roberto Coin shall give notice of its reception by sending an order confirmation email (hereinafter “Order Confirmation”) to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer. Such Order Confirmation, in compliance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 70 of 2003, will contain a summary of the selected Products, the related prices (including any delivery costs), payment methods, shipping address, the Purchase Order number, the General Terms and Conditions of sale and any particular terms applying to the individual Purchase Order following any special requests made by the Customer. Roberto Coin reminds the Customer to carefully check that the information contained in the Order Confirmation is correct and to notify Roberto Coin within 24 (twenty-four) hours of receipt thereof any corrections to be made. In any subsequent communications with Roberto Coin the Customer must refer to the Purchase Order number generated by the system and communicated to said Customer in the Order Confirmation. Some Products may occasionally be unavailable on the Website; in the event that the Products selected by the Customer are not, entirely or partially, available, Roberto Coin shall promptly give notice to the Customer via e-mail and inform the latter that the Agreement has not been executed, due to the Products being unavailable.

Roberto Coin reserves the right to reject Purchase Orders that have been placed without sufficient guarantees of solvency, that are incomplete or incorrect or that have been placed by a Customer with whom there is an on-going legal proceeding with regards to a previous Purchase Order, or for any other legitimate reason. In all the foregoing cases, Roberto Coin shall send an e-mail to the Customer specifying the reasons for which the Agreement has not been executed.

In any case in which the Agreement has not been executed (due to the Products being unavailable or any other reason), Roberto Coin shall refund, without undue delay, the price already paid by the Customer.

By electronically transmitting the Purchase Order, the Customer confirms to be aware of and unconditionally accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as any other information contained on the Website, including the General Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notes