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Returns and Withdrawal



1. The Customer, when acting in his/her capacity as a consumer (i.e. any natural person who is purchasing the Products for purposes which are outside his/her trade, business or profession as provided in Article 3 of Legislative Decree No. 206 of July 22, 2005, also referred to as the “Consumer Code”), (hereinafter the “Consumer-Customer”), has the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement, for any reason, without the need to state the reasons, and without incurring any penalty. The right of withdrawal may be exercised with respect to all or only a part of the Products purchased, and may be exercised by and no later than fourteen days of receipt of the Products by the Consumer-Customer (see Article 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code). The right of withdrawal shall be exercised by the Consumer-Customer, within the above mentioned term, by means of a notice of withdrawal to be sent to Roberto Coin to the address specified in Article 1 of these General Terms and Conditions by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Such notice may also be sent, within the same term, by telegram or by e-mail to the addresses and the numbers specified in the above-mentioned Article 1. The notice of withdrawal must specify the intention of the Consumer-Customer to withdraw from the purchase, as well as the Purchase Order number and the Products with respect to which the Consumer-Customer intends to exercise his/her right to withdraw. Roberto Coin provides its Consumers-Customers with a specific Form to be used for notifying the withdrawal. Click here to download the Notice of Withdrawal form.

2. The Consumer-Customer that has exercised his/her right of withdrawal shall return the Products to Roberto Coin no later than fourteen days after he/she has given notice to Roberto Coin of his/her decision to withdraw from the Agreement. The only costs to be borne by the Consumer-Customer following the exercise of his/her right of withdrawal shall be the costs of return of the Products to Roberto Coin. Roberto Coin will refund the price paid to the Consumer-Customer, at the latest within fourteen days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the Consumer-Customer, prior verification of the proper exercise of the right to withdraw and acceptance of the Products returned in compliance with paragraph 3 below.

3. The Products for which the right to withdraw is exercised shall be returned by the Consumer-Customer to Roberto Coin in their original state, with their original packaging and with the documents provided. Roberto Coin shall not accept any Products without their original packaging or without the documents provided therein or in a different state than when originally delivered (by ways of example, Products that have been used, worn, damaged or dirtied). Roberto Coin will verify the compliance of the Products that have been returned with the above-mentioned requirements as soon as these Products are returned. The Products shall be shipped by the Consumer-Customer to the following address: Roberto Coin S.p.a., Viale Trieste 13, 36100 Vicenza - Italy. The costs of return of the Products shall be borne by the Consumer-Customer. The Products that will not be accepted shall be sent back by Roberto Coin to the sender and the related shipping costs shall be borne by the Consumer-Customer. Roberto Coin shall refund the price paid after having effectively checked the state of the returned Products.